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Thicker Exterior & Interior Walls with Strut Legs 3 X’s wider for a stronger, more durable base and safer rotate dumping.

Our engineering allows for perfect stacking & easy system integration with our competitors models.

Our unique cast metal molds yield a finished box with even more added features:

  • Inside Gradient (gallon / liter) Markings.
  • Vertical Solid Bumper Guards for added fork lift blade protection
  • Vertical Solid Sidewall Wear Bars for scuff & scratch protection
  • Perfect molded drain threads for secure drain plug seals.
  • HD Polystyrene Bottom Wear Pads for longer base leg life against concrete scuffing.
  • Curved interior corners strengthen the box when stacked full while also reducing product damage & tearing during processing (shrimp & scallops especially).
  • ISO9000 / 9001 Co., USDA / FDA & CFIA Certified & HACCP Approved
  • Outer Dimensions: 48.5” L x 40” W x 26”H
  • Inner Dimensions: 46” L x 38” W x 17”H
  • 120 lbs. w/lid
  • 16 Cube
  • 800 lb. capacity
  • 120 Gal.